Kitchen Garden Class 2021
Sargent’s Gardens

Kitchen Garden Class 2021

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Join us for a season long, hands-on vegetable gardening class here at Sargent’s North location! We will provide the garden plot, plants and seeds, tools, water, and deer protection. Beginning April 28, classes will be held every other week and run from April-September (See dates below).

Experienced gardeners will be there to guide you throughout the season. Participants will take home items harvested during class with between class harvesting set up as needed. Led by Cathy Maxson with the help of long-time gardeners Jay Johnson, Alan Hale, and Lisa Malone plus certified herbalist Brigitte Heublein.

Cost of class is $300 and due at sign up. Limit of 20 people.

Register here or call 507-289-0022.

Topics will include:
-Preparing your garden plot
-Planning and planting your garden
-Raised bed vs In-Ground gardening
-Strawbale gardening
-Growing and using Herbs.
-Intercropping/Companion planting
-Spring garden maintenance
-Organic gardening vs. Conventional gardening
-Harvesting Spring crops
-Succession planting
-Summer garden maintenance
-Tool Maintenance
-Harvesting Summer crops
-Fall garden Maintenance
-Harvesting Fall crops
-Storing the harvest
-Garden clean-up
-Planning for the following year

April 28: 6-7:30pm
May 12: 6-7:30pm
May 26: 6-7:30pm.
June 9: 6-7:30pm
June 23: 6-7:30pm
July 7: 6-7:30pm
July 21: 6-7:30pm
August 4: 6-7:30pm
August 18: 6-7:30pm
September 1: 6-7:30pm
September 15: 6-7:30pm
September 29: 6-7:30pm